University Health Network is a program instituted by a consortium of leading research universities formed specifically to sponsor the creation of a global infrastructure for the ethical collection and secure use of clinical research data. The principle objectives of the program are to increase the basis of knowledge about preventive actions, diagnostic methods, treatment and rehabilitation through collaborative clinical research.


The UHN Collaborative Research e-Infrastructure promotes and facilitates collaborative research projects. It helps medical researchers collaborate by:

- finding relevant people, projects, datasets and patient cohorts

- getting data standardized and searchable with consistent coding

- facilitating ethics approval by enabling compliance with applicable security, patient-consent and confidentiality requirements

- providing secure, restricted data-exchange and message-board facilities for multi-centre collaborators

- enabling research data to be extracted from clinical databases

- gathering anonymised practice-based research data with secure questionnaires

UHN Software Limited

UHN Software Limited was formed specifically to develop, maintain and distribute the software that implements the UHN e-infrastructure functionality. It provides services to participating UHN institutions to install, support and enhance the UHN software, together with consultancy and training services to assist organizations to realise the benefits of using the UHN system.

University Health Network (UHN): An innovative e-infrastructure tool facilitating clinical research

"Vast amounts of patient data are available for research in databases in Dental Schools. Still, many clinical procedures are performed with no scientific basis. UHN is an innovative tool launched by the University of Oslo ..."  Read more
Øyri H., Bjørnland T. and Jensen L.J  - Department of Oral Surgery and Oral Medicine, Faculty of Dentistry, University of Oslo, Norway


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